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- January 2023

Analemme, a 10-minute-composition for SAATBB choir and percussions (vibraphone and tubular bells), was awarded the "Prix de la ville de Firminy" during the 3rd composition competition of FestyVocal, a French festival focused on contemporary vocal music. This piece sets to music extracts from several scientific texts, dealing with equinoxes, "Equinoxes" being the theme of the next edition of FestyVocal.

This piece was also written in order to take into account the surprising acoustic of the place of FestyVocal's concerts - Eglise Saint-Pierre de Firmiy -, a church designed by architect Le Corbusier which presents a surprising acoustic with a reverberation of 13 seconds!

Analemme will be premiered by FestyVocal festival choir (dir. Geneviève Dumas) during the next edition of FestyVocal on November 8th, 2023, and performed again by the Swedish choir Allmänna Sången (dir. Maria Goundorina) during the closing concert of the festival on November 12th, 2023.

- December 2022

Three Shepherds Lost in the Snow, a new choral work written for Ensemble vocal Evohé was premiered under the direction of Fruzsina Szuromi, during the concert series "Un Soir de neige" in Temple de Chavannes and Temple de Carouge, Switzerland. 

"Un Soir de neige" is a project proposed in association with Geneva University's Chamber choir (conducted by Pierre-Antoine Marçais and Borbála Szuromi) around choral works depicting the night, the cold and the loneliness.


- November 2022 -

Rimango sol and It will not shine again, two pieces for double-choir a cappella, were added to the new concert program of professional vocal ensemble L'Horizon Chimérique, directed by Benoît Dubu. This new project is called DoublE-ChoiR. A teaser is available here

The two compositions have been premiered on November 19th, 2022 in Temple de la Medeleine, Geneva, together with Franck Martin's Messe pour double-choeur, Howells' Requiem and Britten's A Hymn to the Virgin.

During the concert, the singers was moving, following spatialization ideas proposed by Michèle Cart, which were adding to the dramaturgy of the pieces. 

Many thanks again to Benoît Dubu for making me part of this amazing project!

- July 2022 -


I have been invited to participate to the Cap Ferret Musical Festival from July 9th to July 15th, as a composer in residence. I had the opportunity to perform several of my piano solo pieces, and to write a new piece for piano and flute called "A la Chapelle de l'Herbe", which was premiered by flutist Liene Dobičina and pianist-composer Rémi Guillard.

During this intense week, I could attend several fantastic concerts and work with several wonderful musicians, such as oboist Katerina Trumpesova and harpist Lisa Tannebaum who also performed some of my works, but also Trio Metamorfoze and pianist Zvjezdan Vojvodić.

Many thanks to Hélène Berger for her invitation, and to all people who participated in the organization of this great festival.

Here is a video from one of the concerts. Some other videos should follow in the coming months.

- May 2022 -

Several choral pieces have been performed in May 2022:

Ensemble vocal Evohé sang two more times Surge amica mea, et veni:

At Eglise de Forel (Lavaux), on May 8th at 17h - more information here.

During Festival Fécule, at Université de Lausanne, on May 10th at 18h30. More information here.

The Choral Scholars of St Mary of the Angels, Bayswater, conducted by Alastair Carey, premiered Sub tuum praesidium, during the London Festival of  Contemporary Church Music, on May 15th at St Mary of the Angels, London. A recording of the performance is available here.

Sub tuum praesidium is an anthem for mixed choir a cappella, based on a prayer to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Finally, Petit bestiaire was added to the new concert program of Ensemble Stella Montis, directed by Frédéric Serrano, for 5 upcoming concerts from May to September 2022. More information here.

- April 30th, 2022 -

On April 30th, 2022, Ensemble vocal Evohé, conducted by Fruzsina Szuromi and Guillaume Rault, premiered Surge amica mea, et veni, at Cathédrale Saint-Pierre de Genève.

Surge amica mea, et veni is a piece for mixed choir a cappella with divisi, which was commissioned by Ensemble vocal Evohé for its Spring concert series "Amour Royal", during which pieces based on texts from the Bible's "Song of Songs" will be interpreted.

- April 9th, 2022 -

On April 9th, 2022, Coro Joven Cármina Nova, conducted by Michele Paccagnella, premiered Gaudeat iuventus, during a concert dedicated to Arvo Pärt's music. What an honor!

Gaudeat iuventus is a piece for mixed choir which was distinguished as "Best young composer piece" by the jury of the 2° Concurso de Composición Coral Carmina Nova in 2021.

The concert took place at Iglesia de San Agustín, Málaga, Spain.

A recording of the performance is to come very soon!

- February 2022 -

On February 20th, 2022, Ensemble Vocal Evohé and members of the Motet de Genève performed O Magnum Mysterium, under the direction of Benoit Dubu, as part of the concert Hodie, which took place at Temple de Chavannes, Chavannes-près-Renens, Switzerland.

- December 2021 -

In December 2021, three famous British choirs - The Swan Consort, Echo Vocal Ensemble, and The Gesualdo Six - organized a challenge for their 12 days of Christmas series. The goal was to compose a short cadence on the words “On the first day of Christmas”. I found this challenge really amusing, and I composed several cadences. Three of them have been selected and will be performed by The Swan consort and Echo Vocal Ensemble. The 12 days of Christmas series is an online series enabling to discover one choral piece each day between December 25th, and January 6th. The selected cadences are played as an introduction, just before the piece. Please find more information here.

- October 2021 -

On October 10th, Petit Bestiaire, a choral work for mixed choir a cappella, was premiered by Eufonia21, conducted by Damien Sardet, in Cathédrale Saint-André, Bordeaux, during the final of the Composition Competition for Choir organized by Festival Eufonia-Bordeaux.

Several prizes were distributed during this final: Petit Bestiaire was awarded the 1st prize of the Jury, the public's prize, Association AMIDEL's prize and the prize of Editions à Coeur Joie. This piece is now published by Editions à Coeur Joie.

Petit Bestiaire is a short piece for SATB choir a cappella, based on three short poems by Guillaume Apollinaire, from Le Bestiaire ou le Cortège d’Orphée: “La Puce”, “La Carpe” and “L’Écrevisse”.

Here is a recording of the premiere.

- September 2021 -

O Magnum Mysterium, a choral work for mixed choir a cappella, was premiered by Ensemble Vocal Evohé, conducted by Fruzsina Szuromi, during a concert organized by Association Les Concerts Vaudois, in Pully (Switzerland) on September 5th, 2021. It is such a pleasure to finally be able to listen to this piece live!

Here is a video of the performance.

- July 2021 -

On July 30th, 2021, pianist Anna Sutyagina premiered one of my Waltzes for piano solo, Valse en si mineur. Please find a recording here.

Anna Sutyagina is a concert pianist and Artistic Director of a popular Internet platform for new piano music called Moving Classics TV. Each week, she premieres new piano music by contemporary composers on her YouTube channel.
I also had the pleasure to be interviewed by Moving Classics TV a few months ago. Find the interview here.

- April 2021 -

Gaudeat iuventus, a choral work for mixed choir a cappella, was distinguished by the jury of the 2nd Concurso de Composición Coral Carmina Nova as "Best young composer piece". This piece is based on a text from the Carmina Burana, and describes the return of Spring and the joy that comes with it. "Gaudeat iuventus" literally means "young people should rejoice".

- January 2021 -


Petit Bestiaire, a choral work for mixed choir a cappella, was selected by the jury of Eufonia-Bordeaux’s Musical Composition Competition for Choir and will be premiered on October 10th, 2021 during the next Festival Eufonia in Bordeaux. This piece will also be published by Editions à Coeur Joie in the coming months.

Petit Bestiaire is a short piece for SATB choir a cappella, based on three short poems by Guillaume Apollinaire, from Le Bestiaire ou le Cortège d’Orphée: “La Puce”, “La Carpe” and “L’Écrevisse”.

- October 2020 -

On October 14th, 2021, Bristish pianist Maria Marchant premiered Arabesque, a piece for piano solo, written as a tribute to French composer Claude Debussy, as part of her 7 notes in 7 days at 7 pm project.

Find more about Maria on her website.

Here is a video of the performance.

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